Bug Tracking Software

Hi All,
Trying to select the most appropriate piece of software for us to collaborate with our clients on bug tracking for projects.

• Web Based (potentially with mobile app?)
• Low cost of entry - don't mind paying if it's REALY good.
• Simple interface for clients to log issues without being overwhelmed with options.

What does everyone else use for this? I'm looking at MantisBT, Backlog & BugHerd so far...

I'm done with emails!



I worked with ProjectMan and Jira. I found the latter too complicated for users. ProjectMan was easy to learn and use to create cases but not really compelling to follow up. Don’t know why.

When I was in charge of UAT for a department at University of Montreal I stumbled on a little ugly database utility that was amazing for that purpose.

It was called Tree Pad. They had TreePad light ( free) and Tree Pad enterprise.
In combination with Snagit, users could take a snapshot of the screen, drag it into TreePad and type the related info on the same page. Pages could be added based on a template or blank.
Since it was possible to import and create trees from directories or files, I created my test cards from my Excel matrix. the search engine was very powerful and the whole thing was portable.

I still have the free version will post it when I get to my computer.tpp_manual.zip (3.3 MB) The attach zip contains an executable which is TreePad user manual. It executes a portable file that is the manual giving a good use case example of the app.

Here is the link to Freebyte.com (the software producer, a Netherlands company) Freebyte.com Software Downloads - SafestDownload.com

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My recommendation would be to use Trello. I use it for both bug tracking and project management.

It is well aligned to your requirements

  • web based :white_check_mark:
  • low cost of entry :white_check_mark:
  • Simple interface (that's subjective, but its UI stems from physical Kanban board, so it is pretty intuitive)

Also, very flexible to suit bug tracking workflow or any other workflow you may think of.

Just know that it is not really a ticketing system. If that is what you expect, you will have to look elsewhere.

If you google "trello for bug tracking", you should find a ton of resources.

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For FileMaker projects, we use a custom FileMaker centric "Help Request" system.

"Help Request" is a catch all term that includes (bugs, feature requests, questions, etc.)

Our system allow users to make help requests from any File, Layout, and Record(s) and uses Get and Design Functions to pass the user's state into the help request.

Help requests are stored and tracked in a FileMaker table.

We can go to the File, Layout, and Record(s) that the user was on using an FMP URL.

Help requests can be communicated to the outside world using email and/or Slack as per the team member's preference.

The system also allows screen captures and Snapshot Links.

Some of the pieces of the system are talked about here…


…1:33:10 in


We use ZenDesk. It's drop-dead simple for users for simple bug-reporting and communication.


@JamesG Just checking in, any progress on this or are you still looking at your options?

I'm currently trialling Trello, will see how it goes...

How do you like Trello so far, is it working out well for you?

Yeah, I really like it. I love how simple it is, but it's kind of annoying that there's no time tracking built in. You can purchase add-ons to implement that, but it would be nicer if that was included. I'm led as much by what my clients are using to track their own projects internally, and loads of them are using Teams now, which actually has a really useful Kanban style project tracker which I've got on well with too.


If you use chrome for your browser, there is an extension called Plus for Trello that can let you do time tracking for free. There is some configuration involved and time is logged as comments on the card, so it may not be an option for everyone. There are also many 3rd party integrations for time tracking with Trello, but you are tight, nothing built in.

Cool, thanks for that, I'll give that a go.

We was on jira, but now use only Asana to track projects across the Company.