FileMaker 19.6.1 Released

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It is also interesting that recently each time after updating the Mac (Ventura) version and I try to launch my timesheet (double clicking from Finder), I get ‘file name cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer’ and below this message ‘macOS cannot verify that this app is free from malware’ and have to go to System Settings -> Security settings and unblock my timesheet. Shame Apple has never heard of FileMaker!

For completeness, here’s the server release notes:

Great to get a ‘Clone Only’ option and they’ve fixed the brute force exposure created during the last 2 updates: Claris Community (English)

The data migration tool is now installed with FileMaker Server

The Pro and Server updates are numerous, obviously a lot of work going on in the background.


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Please don't do in-app updates, but please download the dmg file on macOS.
That avoids problems if the gatekeeper check is later run again on the app (and then fails).


Get(LastErrorLocation) may be one of the best things!

Finally get the line number of the script, where the error happened. We can now log that.


Rick Kalman shared a community post outlining the top new features in FileMaker 19.6. As always, please let us know what you think about the release. I'm listening just about everywhere the community gathers.

In addition, I'm writing a roundup of the best community blogs, videos, and other assets that I'll publish next week. Please DM or email links to anything I should consider for that roundup.


Thanks for this @RosemaryTietge. A lot in this upgrade to get our heads around, all very positive.

One thing everyone should keep an eye on are some changes to supported operating systems ClarisPKB


I am still questioning the usefulness of these in-app updates in a corporate environment.

Agreed. We have had many problems with the Windows in app updaters as well. Always download and use the standalone installers (in our opinion).

Minor but annoying issue has been fixed. Disabling/enabling code in Script Workspace is working again with the correct key combination at least in finnish/swedish keyboard.


Totally! Our support team will love that because I'm already planning on using this new function in a log in conjunction with your "ScriptWorkspace.OpenScript" then "ScriptWorkspace.ScrollToLine" :smirk: :exploding_head:

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