Community Design Challenge: Button Bar Alphabet


This is the second design challenge presented for your amusement.

Can you design a font using button bars?

The challenge is simple. Use button bars to create an alphabet or numerals.

Paste a screen grab - or upload your file so that we can see how you did it.

I'll kick off with a few monospace characters. These are chunky, clickable, buttons that make a statement :wink:



Brilliant. I don't have what it takes to try this, but I really like that you, and perhaps others, do.

very cool @Malcolm! Would be nice to see a screenshot in layout mode ..

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Hum, I don't get what the COW does there ?!?

:laughing: they are just buttons that have been styled to look like letters of the alphabet.

The challenge is to use the button formatting tools to create different letters of the alphabet.

You don’t have to create a full alphabet. Just make up a few letters.

Letters like H and I are easy. I was able to make those using the divider line. The divider line is very useful. :wink:


I’m having trouble with G, K, S, and Z.


A screen shot is a bit difficult because we'd need so many screen shots.

Much easier to load the file so that you can see them. (136.2 KB)

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I spent almost 15 min. with your file and tried to change every possible styling, but I just don't get it: how do you manage to make the middle lines inside the "H"? Did you "hack" the CSS?

(Although I must admit that I find this challenge a little bit useless. But that's what drives me even more crazy: spending my time with something I will never have a use case for out of pure curiosity. :crazy_face:)


amazing eye-candy @Malcolm - Merci !!

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There are no hacks. Everything is done with the tools in the formatting inspector.

Hint: check the line settings for the divider.


Aaahhh, the padding section! Oh man, I missed that completely. Thanks for enlightening me. It was driving me insane... Very interesting!

Ouch I just saw this challenge now and saw the spoiler; oh well... Saves me from an attack of the same disease Cheesus mentionned lol

Mmm... been caught!

Are each letter one button each or an array of buttons? Trying to understand what to do without consulting the file first....

:spider_web: Trapped

They aren't practical, they are just brain-benders, so the answer is all of the above. :grin: