Embossed Button Bars

So I am working on a database that has ben around since version 6 and has many layouts with classic theme and embossed buttons.

There isn't the budget to rebuild everything, so I want to make use of button bars but keep the embossed styling. Is it possible to get anything close to embossed with a button bar?

is embossed style retained if you use format painter tool to apply styling to the button bar from an already embossed button object ?

Sadly I can't use this to get embossed button bars only buttons.

I have managed to get close using selective segment borders and 1 pixel offset inner shadow.


Which produces this:


Compared to a button with inherited embossed from Classic theme


If you look carefully the corner of the embossed border is not quite right - but good enough as most users will not notice

[quote="apjcs, post:3, topic:3785"]
Compared to a button with inherited embossed from Classic theme
[/quote] (Emphasis is mine)

Don't forget that Claris warns against using the Classic theme. The Classic theme is a FMP creature for inherited styles from older versions when Themes did not exist. Using this Theme an app can exhibit strange behaviours as well as corrupt an app.

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Search for the button challenges. We had a few. You’ll find example files that include buttons with the classic embossed look.

I can't seem to find the relevant thread, can you provide a more specific link or search criteria. Thanks