FDS -- Connection options fewer?

I was looking at the "what you get" for FDS for FMS 19 and I thought FDS used to include three concurrent connections for testing. What if I have four clients or over the year I have 10 clients I want to check out some FMP thing I did. How would that be done with three "user licenses"?

Please pardon my posting if these terms haven't changed but I thought it was more flexible in past versions.


Claris FileMaker 19 Developer Subscription License (for Testing Purposes)

This special, test-only license for the Claris FileMaker Platform includes full product functionality and features. The FileMaker 19 Developer Subscription License allows up to three (3) licenses of Claris FileMaker Server (“FileMaker Server”), three (3) simultaneous web-based client connections for Custom Web Publishing, and three (3) user licenses to access Claris FileMaker Pro (“FileMaker Pro”), Claris FileMaker Go, and Claris FileMaker WebDirect.

Tell them to take turns, haha? My (maybe incorrect) interpretation has been that the user licenses for testing are intended for internal use, e.g. within your development organization, or even just across multiple personal development machines (say you wanna test from Mac and Windows, and also want to install one copy of FMP on your dev server. Are you wishing for an offering that lets you install FMP on potential clients' computers?

Also, the FDS comes with more than just FMP/FMS. You get the Data Migration Tool, the iOS SDK, and some other stuff I can't remember.

@jwilling is correct. The FDS license is for internal use only. You can not use any of its connections with customers.

As for what happens if you have multiple testing platforms… the concurrent licenses reset after a rollover period. I don't recall what the rollover period is.

Hope this helps.

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I had talked to FMI sales back around FDS 17 and was told that, sure, a client can connect to "test" something. Not production usage. That's understood.

I don't have access to previous licenses for FDS, but I certainly "recall" that there were three concurrent connections.

What good is an FDS if a client can't check something out? Again, that's what FMI told me a while back was perfectly OK!

Am I supposed to make screenshots or movies?

My question, again, was whether this policy, based on my initial posting above, has changed and become (like so many things with FMP) more restrictive?


The only definitive answer is to read the EULA.

Do you have links for previous EULAs? I didn't see that or I wouldn't have posted. :slight_smile: