FileMaker corporate name change - Positive or Negative?

I’m wondering about the rational and benefits or detriments going forward.

AFAIK, the brand 'FileMaker' remains for the app. Just the company now has other products - therefore a change makes sense IMHO

Another question is the benefit of this whole thing for 'older' FM developers.. they created beautiful db solutions, no need for curl etc. Maybe those developers are becoming fossils, sooner or later...

I think it is a good thing, not great being a one trick pony.

The Claris name is still well respected by us ‘old folk’ and it gives the company a chance to shake off some of the historical negativity within the IT industry.

I wish them all the best of luck.

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"FileMaker" lacks cachet, and would have been a drag on any other products they released. So I think it's positive, but the quality of Claris Connect will be the deciding factor for me. I really hope they get this right. Will it be a FileMaker 16, or a We'll know soon.

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I think they already said there will be Claris Community coming.
Let's hope the forum software gets updated, too.

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