Is there a name change coming to FileMaker product?

Hello everybody !

A few years ago when FileMaker Inc. introduced the subscription model, they introduce a new name, that is FielMaker Platform. The Platform included everything, i.e. Server, Desktop Client and Go. The FileMaker Platform went through some evolution.

Then FMI changed it's name to Claris Inc. A few days ago FileMaker Pro 19 was released, with a new logo, the Claris Logo. But that's not the only change. In posts on LinkedIn and on Claris own Web Site, there is now the Claris Platform. I also found Workplace Innovation Platform on the home page.

That why I am wondering if FileMaker is going to get a new name. Remember some years ago, some suggested that the name FileMaker was not an appropriate anymore, since it dated back to the time there were a file per table.

What are your thoughts ?

Well, the product is now named Claris FileMaker as you can read on some pages already. So it looks like they prefix all products with Claris as first word.

I am glad they pruned 'advanced' from FileMaker Pro - I wish they would rename it even further to 'FileMaker' without Pro and maybe just FM -

if I tell you I drive an SL - would you know what I drive?
if I code in JS everyone knows too?

my 1.99 ç

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I remember suggesting way back then on Community that they find a more appealing product name and keep the FM for the corporate. I guess they have dislexia.

"Single-table" era should have no bearing. The first and foremost factor is brand name recognition and reputation in this instance.

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Seeing where they are heading as a multi-product company, I don’t think the FileMaker name would fit. The other products aren’t about making files.

Hopefully it is a three steps thing. First claris, then the logo and finally shedding the old name for one more in line with a 2020 WIP.

Something around Problem solving ? On the FileMaker page there is a header that reads Power for problem solvers.

Stating that FileMaker doesn't sense anymore is easy, but finding a new name is a different ballgame :thinking:.

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IMO FileMaker is a perfect name. I would like to believe a name with a good reputation.
It hasn't outgrown it's name, so is the reputation the problem? Any other reason to a name change?

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Yes! A too-long name takes too much space in the menubar - and there is no 'normal' (non-pro) version of filemaker. Therefore, 'FileMaker' would be perfect

'SL'... Snow Leopard?

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I'd prefer it if they just stuck with Filemaker - it's short and succinct, and most importantly, it has a brand name history that goes back decades - which other RAD/Low Code platforms don't. If they start to re-brand it, people might think that 'Filemaker doesn't exist anymore' - and then we all lose out.

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Well. It is not my business to think about a new name for them :thinking:

Enough other things to think about :smiley:



When I've stayed up too late, and my brain becomes loopy, I start singing songs about the work I am doing that has kept me up so late.

This inevitably has led to singing "FileMaker" to the cadence of "Moon River".

If they change the name of the product, I'll be a little sad to let that go...

FileMaker, making me a file -
I'm going to use a Style, today.
Oh, File-Maker, you heart-breaker,
whatever I'm coding, I'm coding your way...

I suppose I could keep up with the product line and attempt to sing about Claris Connect to the West-Side Story Jet song, but I'm not really using that product yet -- just interested in it:

With Claris Connect, you connect all the way,
from your first API, to your last dying day...