Baby name brainstorm

We must not continue using the trademark in our name so you are invited to brainstorm ideas for a new name for this community.

Put down your ideas and in a few days, we will choose a few that stand out and discuss them, then vote!

All domain names checked for availability

I am partial to the last one :slight_smile:

Of course, if you want to step out of the .com, into the world of the variety of new TLDs, the options grow exponentially.

The options with the new TLDs are extensive. And as you can see from by short list of domain names, “FM” is the prevalent attribute. But, that is just me. Have fun!!!

This is from a old list of mine back when I was trying to find a name for a blog. So some entries may not qualify for this community. Also, I did not check for availability or compliance with any official guidelines from FileMaker. I am not going for quality here, just quantity as it may give others ideas also. Those are not all actual suggestions, otherwise I would have filtered the list way more. The parenthesis is just random stuff in my head, not part of the name itself.

FM News
FM Press
WTFm (ok it is rude, but I am brainstorming)
FM Manual
rtFM (I had to write this one)
FM Circle (step into the circle)
FM Corner
FM Table (come sit at the table)
FM Lounge (different mood)
FM Thread
FM Trail
FM Way
FM Highway (get there fast… don’t ask me where that is)
FM Shuttle (goes back and forth)
FM Addiction (get your fix)
FM Goldmine
FM Access (if you like contradictions)
FM Daily (an apple a day keeps the doctor away)
FM Voice
FM Link
FM Works (if you miss Claris)
FM Waves
Field of Dreams (build it and they will come)
in a Nutshell (for the nostalgic ones)
FM World
FM Cradle
FM Breakfast
FM Lunch
FM Lunch break
FM Coffee break
FM break
FM Breakpoint
FM Pitstop
Filemaker Station (sometimes it is better not to use “FM”)
FM Outpost
FM Hero
FM & Me
Me & FM
FM me up
FM Boost
FM Spot
FM Squad
FM Solvers
FM Whiteboard
FM Views
merge(fm;community;me) (could replace me with self)
substitute(fm.question ; fm.answers) (I know substitute takes more params!)

depends on whom this forum should reach

  • fm developers
  • developers with other background (that would be ‘codedev’…)
  • enthusiasts
  • first-timers, newbies
  • users with some experience

writing those lines… I prefer fmdevtalk

While I am not a fan of the wip (workplace innovation platform)…

  • fminnovation

  • fmworkplace

  • fmworkspace

  • fmWok (the Chinese pan)

the following 3 are problematic because of the radio-stations

  • fmGuide (all of the three problematic because of the radio-stations)
  • fmFinder
  • fmHelpDesk


fmdevtalk or simply fmdev sounds nice


fmduh :upside_down_face: (fm developers and users home)
duh! is 1.99 this year and 28 afterwards is 1.30 the 39 :joy: is available

It is my first time to comment in this forum.

I think fmdevtalk and fmdev sounds great.


It’s nice when the site name is explicit. Here are a few suggestions:


Another thing that will be important: the proper keywords need to be set for crawling engines to index us properly.

Wow, I just discovered a new super functionality with Discourse. I started writing my reply to this thread but forgot clicking Reply - and forgot I forgot. A few minutes ago I came back and my unsent post was there waiting for me. That’s fantastic !

“the proper keywords …”

A few years back a small company named Indeeo created this awesome and inepensive MacOS / iOS vector drawing tool called iDraw. Great name and uniquely searchable.

A couple years ago, Autodesk (of AutoCAD fame), bought them and renamed the product “Graphic”. Now that is a great name too, BUT, and this is a big BUT, the name is generic and impossible to UNIQUELY find in a keyword search. Now an organization called Picta owns it, but the “keyword search” I suspect has been a culprit in less than stellar sales for a stellar product.

There is a large cosmetics company named “HER” - same issue. The product marketing people must be ignorant of search engines.

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This is really important. Besides a naming avoids conflicting with trademarks, it should yield results in searches. Meta tags are really helpful things.

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Indeed. When I did the 70 hours internet booth camp, an entire day was spent on techniques to use analytic tools to name a site to achieve the best results on Google search!

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Another name came across my mind, how about FMFriends ? (Fast innovation platforms developers)
lcfd. Low code fast dev

Which concepts do we want to be included in our identity?
Low code
Work Innovation
Quick Development
Fast Development


Since our goal is not specifically sell FileMaker, but as a side if we drag more customers toward FileMaker that’s nice - the address should state that is’s a forum for FileMaker, or at least be easy to remember, and the mission would be to support the developers, weather citizens or pro.

I must ass that since it’s an independent forum, it may evolution may add new avenues.

I like having some reference to FileMaker, hence keeping FM somewhere is my preference. Also, since we mainly just chat about FileMaker, maybe we can keep it simple and call it fmchat?

These are available, it seems:

Sure ‘FM’ should be part of the name . @planteg just pointed at it as well.
A forum dedicated to people who use FM in creative ways and who exchange their ideas and ways of doing development work, could rightly be named ‘FMExchange’.
FMExchange is my hat thrown in the baby name arena :slightly_smiling_face:

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I like it a lot. A search on google led to FM Exchange (took me a while to figure out that it represents Facilities Management Exchange lol) though.

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Looks like is available as an alternative

with .community: ifm, fmtalks, fieldmakers, fmexchange, thisfm

with .fm: fieldmakers, talking, thinktalk, devcom, communiq, metatalks, makeme, makeit, codeit, fastsolutions

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