FileMaker Data API Stability Experiences

Hi Gys

little discussion

now that my Api runs, for three days i was glad.

FileMaker, on Windows

What are your experiences with the stability?

how often do you restart your server?

how good is data-api waking-up after a server-restart?

for which purpose it runs?

Tipps / Tricks?

in my case:
every 15 min there runs a sync of 5 Tables (ruby <=> FileMaker)

  • The first day it ran
  • The second day, Ruby could not Connect (Timeout), BUT 199 of 200 Connections succeeded that day
  • The third day: like second.
  • The fourth day up from midnight, after a Server-Restart no connection was possible, Ruby could not connect, every 15mins. 06:40, i saw the error-mails. Checked the Admin-Console: All looks fine. I touched no button (not: switching API off and on or anything similar), but surprise: From now its running. Having absolutely no explanation, just logging in to admin-Console, smiling into the monitor, and FileMaker is happy from now.

I have a lot of experience with xml-Interface. Also that was stable IF you exactly know what are dos and donts (could tell a long and strange story). Had the hope that data-Api is more reliable. But, strange things here. We would like to rely on the version-17 because of the licnece-politics from FileMaker AND not being sure if new Versions are better on that point. Overall i had the experience that the older versions where more stable than the newer ones, fm15 at most. In case data-api it may be different.


although we do not have many FMS17 installations, we have one with 130 clients (often, when burning midnight oil, there are still 40-50 users logged in)

Windows Server 2016 AFAIK, FM/FMS17.0x

Runs very stable, no restarts from our side, no outtake

But: No api-calls, just pure FM connections

How about moving to a more current version?
A lot changed and got added on capabilities.


The error which produced the error mails was not on side FileMaker. It was really hard to find, but a second job ran and produced the errors.

so, for now it seems that the FileMaker API is running stable.