FMS 2018 Data API license expired?


about 1 ½ month ago I installed FMS 18 on one of my computers This is the FDS version. I know version 19 is out.

Testing MBS Xojo plugin for Data API I tried the application that comes with the plugin package. Thing is the app can't connect to the DATA API. A look at the log I found:

ERROR The FileMaker Data API (Trial) License expired on September 27, 2018, and the functionality has been disabled.

I know that in the beginning the DATA API was for trial, but we are in 2020 and FMS 18 was released in 2019. Where is this error coming from,, how can I go over it ?

Many thanks

Well, you need to upgrade the server to enjoy Data API.

Wasn't the Data API out of Trial and official with FMS 18 ?

I think I remember something to the effect that the Data API trial that was with the FDS expired but I believe that purchased version 18 could update to get the Data Api.

I found this ClarisPKB.


The FileMaker Data API (Trial) license will expire on September 27, 2018.

Answer Number: 000025906


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FileMaker Pro Advanced
FileMaker Server

So the Trial was for FMS 16. My guess is that there is a leftover from FMS 16 remained after I uninstalled it to install FMS 18.

So the $ 1,000,000 question is "where is this darn leftover, is it a dll, service or else" ?

I will ask the question on Claris Community.

Sell taylorsharp answer Claris Community (English)

The Data API was already expired when FMS 18 was released.