Filemaker Go 18 issues

Hi Folks, I am looking for some advise on issues I am suddenly having with FileMaker Go 18. Very odd issues.
I have an app I am updating with a new UI and features. In this update I have added several simple popup menus that are to display simple custom value lists. And simply drop down calendars fields as well.
There are two fields with popup menus and 4 drop down calendar fields. Now they all work perfectly on my Mac.
However, in Filemaker Go 18 the popup menus display's No Matches Found. Now all old popup menus continue to work perfectly but not the new ones. I have deleted the fields and replaced them. I have swapped the value list to an older ones and it works fine the older value lists. So, I checked the indexing and editing and such when changing the value list back to the new one and again the message shows "no matches found." I am stumped.

The calendar fields suddenly stopped showing the calendar icon, checked everything out in the data menu as well. They show on the Mac but not in Filemaker Go. I am stumped.

If anyone has experienced such behavior I would appreciate your input.

Thanks Chris

Please disregard. I have found the culprit!


what was it?

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Security settings for the new value lists that were installed into the existing solution. I never knew that you need to update the security when adding new features to an existing solution. Now I know and it only took me 3 days to figure it out. LOL