FileMaker Go Updated

This morning our IOS devices downloaded a v19.1.2 update for FileMaker Go. The only information I can find so far is the notes displayed in the App Store ‘Addresses general bug fixes. Adds support for Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).

A quick search around didn’t result in any more info, ironically, like many of Claris’ web page links, the current FileMaker Go 19 link on the ‘Claris FileMaker 19 Documentation, Releases Notes and FileMaker Help - results in a ‘Not Found’ result.


go19 is in my environment slow, too slow. I'm jotting a lot more on paper now.

The update seems to be even slower. I believe that this issue report was the only one in my career that could be replicated on the first try by claris...

The AD FS thing is totally misplaced. That's a server feature and at that it's specific only to the upcoming Linux version.
(Short version: you can use AD FS for user authentication going back to FMS 17, and pretty much all clients, Pro, Go and WEbD - see the white papers by Steven Blackwell and myself. The Linux version + FM Cloud are the only two FMSes that expose the settings for this, but you really can use this with any version of FMS).

The main features of Go 19.1 are JSON-returned NFC data and some tweaks to the Siri shortcuts.

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