FM AppMaker - URL Scheme issue with iOS13

For those who don’t know: FileMaker AppMaker is a FM-File which allows to create a " .mobilconfig" Profile to load onto your iOS device in order to get your home screen icon of choice on your device.
This profile also contains a dedicated href to grant connection to your FM-Host based on the fm URL-Scheme.
Figures out that this file is hard to find so I upload it here.Requires the BE-PlugIn for some Base64 processing.

This FM AppMaker let me figure out that the URL Scheme doesn’t work reliably anymore with iOS13.

App Maker (3.1 MB)


Thanks for the info @EfficientBizz

There’s more information, but after half an hour searching, I gave up on finding my Bug Report from June 2019 :unamused:

That’s a great tool. Thanks for putting it online here.

I think this is a good place to have it stored.
I still don’t know to whom to give credits for all this, but I know that Alexis dealt with a iOS7 issue back then by adding a JavaScript:
Alexis Gehrt / Database Designs / Switzerland /

Stacy Chamblee dealt a lot with it, brought adjusted versions to the community (user schamblee in the jive forums)

a notification from the SalesForce system let me finally add a link to the Bug Report:

iOS13.3 beta3 as of Nov., 20.:
I can’t replicate this issue anymore. Tested with FMGo18.0.3.

Can anybody confirm?
Issues have been reported in the past with Filemaker AppMaker and also with a process toggling between FMGo AND a SwipeReader iApp by using the URL-Scheme.

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