FMS on Linux feedback

Feel free to share your feedback about FMS on Linux here, but make sure to also voice it there: Claris Community - Requesting your feedback on FileMaker Server for Linux

With a product in the "Developer Preview" stage, feedback is really important. For all of us. I'm sure the product will keep evolving, but I still feel like this is the best timing to provide feedback.

It can also be interesting to see what others think / experience.


feedback on the official site is not easy, I always lose the thread after a day or so )-:

Since it's a preview, I do not use it as a production server, so just a short time for testing


  • not easy for gui-folks like me
  • needs to be done using the terminal
  • web-server was not running, nothing listening on 443 (and 1600x, if memory serves well)
  • terminal commands needed to solve


  • flawless
  • pretty fast (with one or two users..)
  • just like under other os


  • flawless
  • pretty fast
  • just like under other os


  • os starts up fast
  • seems stable during my 'reduced' testing

see also

We just want to make sure, even though it’s not easy to follow, that the info gets there. Neil isn’t likely to come here to read it. You may have already done that, just making sure others also put their feedback there so Claris can act on it.


I've been anxiously awaiting the re-emergence of FMS for Linux as soon as I realised that Filemaker Cloud 1.0 was based on it, and then noticed it move from Amazon Linux to CentOS Linux under the hood.

So very glad it's here, and glad to be included in this conversation. Here are my answers to the initial questions:

Will you use it on bare metal server setups?

Not initially. At the moment, we host FMS on MadOS VMs. But we're actually a Linux shop, in terms of our main London Datacentre operation. Our Mac servers are very reliable, but very power-hungry. We never finalised our Long-planned move from Parallels Desktop for Business to ESXi

Planning on using VMs? On which OS's? Mac, Windows? VM Ware, Oracle, Hyper-V, Parallels, etc?

we test locally using Parallels Desktop. Our Linux hypervisor in production is Linux-KVM, QEMU, LibVirt and Virtual Machine Manager.

Clouds— public, private, hybrid? Which public cloud: AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, others?

We've tried AWS several times, both for FMS and for other projects, and we decided it wasn't for us, whilst recognising that many of the benefits cited by its users are genuine.

Any other virtualization or deployment tech such as Dockers, Kubernetes?

we are phasing out OpenVZ containers. We are looking at LXC and Virtuozzo.

in terms of what kind of feedback I can provide, areas could be:

  • Which distro(s) to support / not-support
  • Final UI/UX of the installer. CLI? GUI? Both?
  • Thin provisioning / Virtual Appliance options
  • choice of filesystems (eg ext4, xfs, zfs etc...)
  • operability in shared storage environments
  • load-balancing options
  • high-availability / up time monitoring
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we've just installed a copy of FMS on CentOS and are testing on it today. We discovered a limitation on Get(TemporaryPath) and the API. Is there something to learn there? I see that function and Get(DocumentsPath) are not supported thru the API, but curious what the implications are for PSOS and Linux server?

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any monitoring like Zabbix integration involved? (still wish the live log in the admin console would reappear!)

We're only just now installing Zabbix for our use... we'll be configuring it to watch our FMS on Linux.

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Zabbix on same server - or just client and adding to separate VM?

new server.... we'll use it for more than just this server... we have others. :slight_smile:

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