FileMaker Server Linux and Active Directory / OpenLDAP

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I'm reaching out because I'm trying to setup FileMaker Server Linux with Active Directory and in the longer-term I would like to switch to OpenLDAP.

I've managed to setup the latest FMS on Ubuntu 22.04 with Active Directory, but some nested groups are not working well (In the case of Parent Group > Child Group > User, and the Parent Group referenced in the FileMaker file, the User is not able to login. A user directly in the Parent Group is however able to login. This problem is not happening with FMS on Windows).
I have seen that Claris recommends using AD FS for Linux, but I would like to stay with AD over LDAP to not change the way users log in too much (AD FS works with OAuth and would change how users need to login, adding a small button in the login window).

In the longer-term, I would also like to migrate away from Microsoft AD and use OpenLDAP. It seems however that when FMS authenticates an user, it sends an LDAP simple bind with an e-mail address as DN (i.e. user@domain.tld) rather than a correct LDAP DN which would be something like "CN=user,DC=domain,DC=tld". Sending the e-mail address works with Active Directory but it's not standard LDAP and as such doesn't work with OpenLDAP. Has anyone into such a problem and solved it?

If I don't find a solution, then I will try the OAuth way, but only as a last resort.

Thanks in advance for the great resources in this community and looking forward to participating more

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