Filemaker Server v18 on Windows Server 2016 Essentials

Tech specs for FMS18 state a requirement for Windows Server Standard - but I just wondered if anyone has tried running it on Windows Server Essentials 2016? Obvs Essentials is a significant cost saving…

I know I’m not answering the question so please be kind to me.

I did not try installing or running FMS18 on an unsupported OS. Even if it works, finding myself having a piece of software the manufacturer still supports (as opposed to say FMS12) on an undocumented OS puts me in a situation where if something goes wrong, Claris is likely to decline any significant help until the setup is compliant with their documentation. Not a chair I like to sit in. It may look like a good idea and you could save some dollars today, but everything has a price… think about tomorrow.

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Yup, fair comment. Just thought I’d as to see if there were many/any who had tried and succeeded.


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It is possible at times James, but you won’t know until you try. For instance, the original small business servers were not approved, but if you picked them to bits and disabled many of the standard services, they would work.

However, now forget what I’ve just said and listen to Bobino instead, don’t put yourself in that chair, it can be a very lonely place.

It‘s a fair question. Win server essentials is a mainstream OS.
@Bobino’s response merits consideration. FMS may run on this OS but there is a degree of uncertainty.

I just installed a Windows Server Essentials.
Except for a need to deactivate IIS to get the ports 80 and 443 free, this seem to work.
FileMaker Server installs and runs here.

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