FileMaker Server v19.2.1 Web Direct

We’ve just updated our development server to v19.2 and it looks as if support for Microsoft Edge for Mac has significantly improved.

I haven’t been able to do a side by side test on a v19.1 server as yet, have moved to an M1 MacBook Pro and the browser will have been updated since I last used it (on Safari at the moment as it is so quick on the M1). However, the standard status bar buttons are no longer disappearing as they did before.

However, the bug when filter databases is enabled on the server still exists - in Filemaker Pro for Windows when selecting favourite hosts, rather than going into ‘Show Hosts’, results in the databases appearing after the username and password is entered, but disappears, rather than opens, when a file is double clicked. This was reported while using the pre-release preview problem and was recently acknowledged again by the development team in the Community.

Also, since updating our main SBA server from FileMaker Server v16 to v19 (currently still at 19.1) we have now had 2 weeks without a single FMSE error, which happened between 2 to 3 times a week on v16. We’ve also moved from Windows 2012 to 2019 Server, so it isn’t a complete like-for-like comparison, but the actual server specifications are the same. A big relief!