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it's a long time I haven't given news of Here are some updates you might be interested in.
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  • Claris Server is supported. With our West Coast data center, your data can be next to Claris Studio, which is deployed in California only for now.
  • additional development/test servers are even cheaper. If you already have a server with us on the Starter plan, an additional server with the same license key is down to $39/month. Pro plan: $49/month.
  • custom domain is now part of the Starter plan, and we take care of the SSL certificate for free
  • new "Campus" partnership program for Universities. Let your campus IT department become a next generation FileMaker hosting service.
  • underwent an external security audit by NBS System. Your data is in good hands.
  • our chatbot keeps learning new tricks (Saïda keeps teaching it). It can deploy a server, select the best FileMaker license for you, or retrieve your license certificate and download link (among other things).
  • we're still with a 100% 5 stars on Trustpilot.

And we keep improving, of course.