New web site, new rates!


I forgot to mention that has a new web site, and you can now (finally) calculate your price before filling the form.
What's more, we introduced an additional discount: if you purchase your FileMaker license and a hosting plan simultaneously, you get a 5% discount. If you have many users on your license, this can be very significant.
And… we have new plans for SBA partners.


Thanks, but looks like some place holders are still visible for me?

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Hi Christian,
Thank you for your report!
Very weird. You're the first to report that issue (but we all know you're a pioneer :wink: )
We've been trying to reproduce it without success so far.
To all, please MP me if you see this issue (or another). Thank you!

Hi Fabrice,

in Canada (Québec) I don't have issues:

On Windows 10, in Chrome and Edge.

Thank you!
But fortunately not everyone has this because we would not be deploying several new servers a day. Christian is the first to report that issue.