FMP at some point shows open windows as thin lines on desktop

It happens now and then, a user action or other event triggering the issue has not yet been identified.
FMP has one or more windows open. At some point, these windows are displayed as thin vertical lines on desktop. There was no user or script action changing window size. One of the windows even has all size-altering controls blocked. The only event was that the computer went into sleep mode overnight.
No way to bring windows back to normal size.
Workaround: terminate and restart FMP.
FMP 1.2.219
MacOS 10.15.7
Plugin: MBS 10.2

Don't forget to report it on the vendor's site and post a link to it here!

You don't use MBS FileMaker Plugin functions to resize windows and pass zero as width/height?

Otherwise please use Trace function to check what you call.

The only MBS functions used here are the XML functions. Windows resizing is done via FM’s own scripting functions.
I updated to MBS 10.4 now.

Well, can you reproduce it?
do you know what steps cause it?

Not yet. Will see if it happens again.
Cannot link it to any identifiable cause other than it appeared after computer was in sleep mode.
Updated the plugin anyway.

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It just happened again. This time the computer did not come back from sleep mode.
Just one window with one table TO. No user action in FMP for over an hour.

It still happens and I still do not know what the cause is.

A FM window just transformed into a 1 pt thin vertical line on the desktop. Can't bring it to front nor select it. The Mac was in sleep mode, discovered this when coming back.
At least, FM can be closed graciously. Restart FM obligatory.
MacOS 10.15.7
MBS Plugin
File hosted on FMS on MacOS 11.1
Screenshot 2021-01-13 at 07.00.00
Any ideas?

use tile window command in window menu and it may resize to usable size.

and check if you have any script which resizes window.