Open new window command disrupts sizes of already opened windows

My question is about using the 'open new window' command. I have no problems with the new window opening and giving it dimensions. My problem lies with the original window that was already open. It seems to resize automatically when the new window opens. How can I prevent that from happening? I can script in a 'maximize window' command for that window, but I think something else is going on and would prefer to prevent it from happening all together. Any suggestions? I'm using FM 7. Thanks for any help.

Hi @Jenyen, welcome to the soup!

Unfortunately, I do not have FM 7 on my computer. What I observe is that with newer versions of FM (I am working with FM 19), the window which is active when the script which contains the 'New Window' step launches, does not alter the position or size of the original window.
Could you post a sample file that fellow soupers could test on their platforms?

I will try to post pictures (I can't post files) thanks for checking!

Are you running FileMaker on Macintosh or Windows?

windows 10


As you can see the background picture reduces its dimensions (it was originally maximized) once I run the script to open a new window. I am seeing this is an intermittent issue and can't figure out why it happens sometimes and not other times.
I am guessing here... but it may have something to do with "locking" or "grouping" the button that runs the script. I am not sure.

The behaviour you mentioned is normal if your previous window was maximized on Windows OS. Windows does not allow any window to be displayed in front of a maximized window. All other windows must be behind the maximized window. A new window will always be the top-most window.

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Thank you so much! That makes sense. I will use Fit to size instead of maximize and see if that is a good work around. Otherwise, c'est la vie!
Thanks again.

Glad to help… and I forgot to say welcome to The Soup.

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