FMS admin log viewer CSS tweak

I find the interactive log viewer a bit cramped. Using User CSS extension for Chromium-based browsers, you can apply the following styles to tweak the UI for an easier read on larger screens.

app-servernotification {display:none}

.max-width {

.ag-theme-material .ag-row {
    font-family: monospace;
    font-size: 0.9rem;


Hi @rivet ,

may I suggest you post a larger image of the screenshot ? Unfortunately it's not possible to click on it to see it larger. On my Full HD monitor, it's very small and I can't appreciate the result of your tweak.


I love stuff like this! Nice mod.

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I replaced the image to show the difference.

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I did not want to interrupt the important train of thought currently happening on the "In Your Face Marketing" thread, but it did occur to me to mention that, for anyone taking advantage of @rivet 's CSS approach to improving the FM Admin Console, a similar approach might be able to banish the unwanted marketing pop-up.

By proposing this as a workaround for the current status quo, I in no way wish to imply that I am in favor of the marketing popover (it gets in my way, too), nor that anyone should have to find a workaround to it. But, for anyone already tweaking the CSS, this seems like a feasible avenue to temporarily be rid of the popover.



YOu absolutely can do that. Not that I have or anything...

.notif-server {
	display: none;