VM for FMS on Linux for Training

My Journey on Linux is a very interesting thread about working with FMS on Linux and things to consider.

For testing and training, installing FMS on a virtualised Linux looks like a good and practical approach.
Several options are available:

  • using a cloud instance of Linux
  • using an on-premise instance of Linux in a virtualisation environment

For members intending to check out and learn working with FMS on Linux, what are the recommendations of members who can share their experience in working with a VM/Linux/FMS stack?

  • What are recommendable virtualisation environments (cloud offerings and locally installed products like Parallels or VMWare)
  • What are the advantages and what are the pitfalls of the product combination in your stack?

For testing, I prefer/need a local installation, at the moment named 'on premise' (a kingdom for easy to understand expressions - even for non native english speakers)

I prefer at the moment Parallels Pro, it seemed to be easier to install cent/ubuntu VM's - but that's a subject of change.. (I got VMWare here as well)

I got a FM site license, so there are enough licenses for testing..

Best practice here is a backup of the VM (incl. installed os, FMS), so that we can delete a canibalized version of a VM and replace it by another. On VMWare, I could not use that backup a while back...

Important factor is, that there are db's in daily usage with that VM with tested/controlled backups, so we can still use the db in case of something went south

Pitfall is the installation of FMS and the updates - besides if the handling that is less comfortable as under macOS/Windows (choosing the 'opt'-folder is cumbersom..) - and the updates of the os that might be trickier than macOS for example


For nomads this might be of interest. I've installed a slim ubuntu-fms in virtual box, mounting a macOS nfs-share for fms' data directory, so the fm files are accessible from the client (fms needs to be stoped for that though). Short tutorial here (the windows version is a bit cumbersome, as win client system does not provide a nfs server):