FMS via MacStadium

Lately, I am getting pummeled with questions about an app I have been selling that runs only on FMGo.
Customers are asking if there is a server option.
Honestly, this is a subject that I have ignored and put off for sometime.
But the winds are changing.

So, Here is my question.
Has anyone one considered using Mac Stadium, M1 mac mini, for a server verses other options?

60 bucks a month for a dedicated mini.

I welcome any input, good or bad.
As I have said, this is something that I never intended but now it looks like I must move in this direction.

Thanks for ALL ADVISE and INPUT!


This sounds doable.

But I expect that an offering like FileMaker Cloud may be cheaper.

And even cheaper may be to host somewhere else, e.g. have your own Linux cloud server and install FileMaker server there. But that is more work.

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I would say that the answer to your question is "it depends".

FileMaker Cloud is the obvious solution as the price includes both hosting and user licences.
For higher user counts it is likely to be more cost effective to run your own server or rent one from one of the FileMaker hosting partners and buy the FileMaker licences separately. From your description this sounds like a candidate for SBA licensing ( you need to be looking at a minimum of 50 licences after the first year)

If you are comfortable with managing the FileMaker server under macOS then MacStadium will work. Of course you will need to consider the number of concurrent users and how demanding your solution will be (on memory and cpu), as well as where you will store backups (DropBox, another machine etc). and how you will monitor the server (gotta make sure it stays up and running!)

If you choose to use one of the hosting partners, they will likely take care of the backups and management and monitoring of the server for you. You will almost certainly pay more than for the a bare Mac mini, but knowing that the server is taken care of may be worth the extra cost.

My recommendation would be to discuss the options with one or more hosting partners and then decide whether you want to do it yourself or pay someone else to do it for you .

At this point, in the interests of transparency, I need to say that I am involved with a FileMaker hosting service based in the UK. There are a number of excellent hosting partners who, I am sure, would be happy to advise you.



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Thanks for the input folks. I will be looking into this.