Fmsadmin Permission denied // FMS19.2.1.23 centos7

After installing 'successfully' (?) FMS19.2.1.23 on a VM running Centos7 I can open the FMServer_Sample file but not edit. No permissions. Same applies to ssh root access. Also admin console in web browser denies access. (apparently credentials not readable).

How can I fix this?

The sample file has not been editable for many versions now; for security reasons. It's an obvious attack vector since it always there. You can easily bring a server to its knees by flooding it with new record requests.

The SSH access and admin console is different and may not be related to each other.

The admin console will give you grief - depending on the browser - because of the lack of SSL cert. Chrome, FireFox and Edge often won't let you proceed. Safari may let you accept the risk and carry on. You may want to just install the SSL cert while you are in the machine instead of doing it remotely from a browser.

The SSH access should just work unless you didn't turn it on. CentOS doesn't enable it by default.

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Thanks Wim!

The admin console login shows up after confirming it is not save to go there but it won't take my credentials. SSH commands work - could install via SSH from Mac Terminal. fmsadmin restart adminserver works but any fmsadmin commend requiring credentials returns: fmsadmin: Permission denied.

Error: 9 (Access denied)

Thanks againSSH_FMS_install.rtf|attachment (201.3 KB)

Is this an install from scratch or was there an older version of FMS on that box?

and can you confirm that your CentOS is 7.8 or 7.9?

sudo cat /etc/centos-release

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Brand new instance. Thanx

check the content of /var/crash/, any files there?

Will tomorrow. Sorry left my desk. Thank you!

CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009 (Core)

no crash directory or file(s) there. Thanks!

I reviewed the FileMaker Server logs and at least they are present (fmshelper.log, access.log, event.log)

I've had this happen to me on 2 or 3 machines but back in the early ETS days of 19.2. At this point I'd probably write it off as something that went wrong in the initial installs that failed because of the dependency for HTTP/2.

Wipe FMS from the machine:
sudo yum remove filemaker_server.x86_64

reboot, rename the leftover "filemaker server" folder and reinstall from scratch.

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Thanks Wim. Actually started all over with brand new blank instance of entire VM already 3 times. // The ISP is Strato I used successfully with Windows Server FMS many years.

Does Strato provide the basic 'image' of the instance? In which case they could have some stuff on there that is not plain vanilla. For good measure, could you start with a fresh AWS or Azure CentOS instance, preferrably AWS and using the official CentOS 7.9 AMI? You don't need to keep the instance, just as a test. That would rule in or out any problems with your installer.

Strato does use some mechanics for login. On each install attempt I had to purge their knownhosts file in the ~.ssh folder otherwise first ssh connection refused. Unfortunately it also uses a German localized flavor.. Will try azure next. Thanks for support Wim!

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