Installing FMS On Ubuntu .... SSH Fails

No matter what I do, the SSH portion fails with "permissions denied" or other similar errors.

I've set up an elastic IP and used that also in the ssh string below.

I created a new key-pair pem file in "~" called ubuntu-fms.pem

When creating the 18.04 image in AWS, I named it also "ubuntu-fms".

Then, when ssh-ing...

$ ssh -i ~/ubuntu-fms.pem ubuntu-fms@<elastic_ip_here>

I've tried several times with new key pairs, new instance names, etc., but I can't log in using ssh to get started.

Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong?

The only suggestion I found online was to do a chmod 600 on the pem file, which I did, but made no difference.

Thanks in advance.

I suppose you started the ssh server on your ubuntu ?

In the tutorials I used users were encouraged to create a (on mac OS at least) hidden directory ~/.ssh where later the keys are stored

the one step setup than could be:

sudo ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/ adminuser@yourIP

this copies the ssh key from your directory ~/.ssh to the admin users ~/.ssh directory and if .ssh does not exist it is created on the fly...

Btw why use a 18.04 instead of 20.04 - or is it for an older FMS?



I got SSH working.

The demo I was using is using 18.04. Is 20.04 supported now officially?

If so, I'll have to start over (noch ein mal) ... (sigh).

Thanks H.

maybe you'll have to start again :frowning: depending on the FMS version you want to use...

Fortunately, I was able to upgrade Linux using the sudo apt update type commands. :slight_smile:

Now trying to get things the command console working (my mistakes, probably). I'll post back with updates.

Thank you, H.