Reasons to upgrade to latest and greatest FM19.3

At Engage it appeared to me that 'we' all should upgrade immediately to FM19.3 with major emphasis as stated by Claris CEO.

My main client is still at FM18 and they are happy. Any urgency to move them up?

For the Mac version, I can state that 19.3 server and client are more stable than 18. Also the reconnect feature has become much more reliable. I would recommend upgrading.
For the Win version, fellow members may share their experience.

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On Windows we now have a Web Viewer that works with JavaScript since it's not base on IE technology anymore. It's now based on (Chromium) Edge.

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Windows user here. We have upgraded most of our customers to 19.3 and have had no issues but also no notable changes.

I do love the idea of using the new web viewer but for some of my personal solutions I scrape data from websites that require logins. With the new web viewer it dose not remember login sessions requiring me to login each time. I reverted to 19 for now until that is sorted or I find another way.

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I have migrated 2 systems from 19.0 (server and client) to 19.3 (server and client). Both are Windows based for both server and client. The systems are between small and medium in size and complexity in my opinion. Both shops have reported back that they feel like their systems are more responsive with the latest version. I didn't tell them anything about the new versions other than that they contained security fixes and were recommended. I did implement running the recommended two new system maintenance tasks on the server each night. I don't know if this has contributed the perceived improvement in responsiveness.

The owner of one shop has privs to use the FM Server admin console. He liked to download the server access.log file periodically to check up on things. He loves the 19.3 console having a log viewer built in. This is an edge case for sure, but it makes him feel more like he is on the cutting edge with 19.3. I haven't bothered to tell him that this was a feature of the admin console for many years in the past :-).

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What are these recommendations?

These are two system scripts:

One for cleaning up the DB cache, the other for checking DB integrity.

The server help describes under 'Scheduling administrative tasks' and sub-level 'Running system script files' how to set up scheduled tasks for execution of these scripts.


Hi @bowdendata, welcome to the fmsoup!

Thank you!

There where posts related to the WebViewer engine being swapped from IE to Edge in v 19.3 and that this can cause compatibility issues in some cases.

Carrying out tests before moving to a new version is recommended practise.

we are currently under FM18 (Windows 8.1) on the way (but tests with 19.3 are running). FM18 shows negative numbers when deleting large sets of records (I'm processing up to 5-6000 xml files a day - after users did 'their' processing, records have to be deletet from the user-tables...) - what really puzzels me, daily. With FM19.3 (we skipped 19), everything is ok.. I was afraid that some index were bad, every time I saw those negative numbers

19.3 seems to be fast, smooth

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If anyone is using the web viewer within Windows they MUST carry out extensive testing before moving to 19.3. There have been breaking changes introduced throughout all versions of 19.3, with some earlier ones being addressed in the latest version.

We’re being held back due to having to test over a dozen different web viewer enabled systems before we can make the move to the latest version and are having to make changes to code to make them work.

However, the move from the old Internet Explorer to Edge browser is very much welcomed.


Please also notice that WebVIew functions in MBS FileMaker Plugin will not work until Filemaker 19.4 is coming: WebView2 support coming for MBS Plugin

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For a couple of weeks I've been using FM19v3 as a client to several FMS 18 servers (macOS for both), and FM19 is definitely better than FM18 in a few ways - it feels faster, and the auto-reconnect feature is much more reliable. With FM18, after my laptop went to sleep, it was about a 50/50 chance of a successful reconnection upon wake. With FM19, it works every time.

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