How to Hide Databases in FileMaker Cloud Launch Center

In FileMaker Cloud all of the uploaded databases show up in a list in several contexts: web browser (Launch Center), FileMaker Go and FileMaker Pro. I am interested in how I can hide databases in the web browser context so that an explicit URL would be required to access.

I am trying to avoid showing all of our databases to all of our users, especially when some users only have access to one database.

Note: I also posted this on FileMaker SF Community: FileMaker Community (English)

Thanks for any help.

Malcolm Fitzgerald answered in the FileMaker SF Community…

There are separate settings for FMP clients and WebDirect clients:

  • File->Sharing->Share with FileMaker Clients…
  • File->Sharing->Configure for FileMaker WebDirect…

That was just what I was looking for! Worked like a charm. I only needed the WebDirect hide, but it’s nice to be reminded about the File Sharing hide too.