Is this a server feature in 19.5?

I don't have v19.5 or work on a server with FM. I am planning to upgrade so I have a simple question...I have a solution with several page layouts. Is it possible to block some of these layouts on a shared server? In other words, I only want some of my layouts (in the one solution/database) to be shared on a server. Thanks for any info.


can you explain which problem you wish to solve by blocking some layouts ?


There really aren't any problems, I just want my end users to have complete privacy, without Cloud or other users being able to see what they input in some areas of the solution. Is that even possible?

This is not a server feature but yes, it is possible. Take a look at FileMaker's documentation regarding security.

will do, thanks.

To be clear, the layout is the presentation layer. Locking a layout does not prevent users from accessing the data. This is especially true in a server context, as the data can be delivered by many different means, such as the Data API, XML API, or oData.

The data is stored in tables, in records and fields. You need to pay attention to the security of the data layer too.

In security settings you can control which privilege sets have access to layouts. You can also control access to tables, and to fields. So, for instance, you can allow one group to see all except one of the fields in a table. These settings are used to control a group, they are not per user settings. You create appropriate settings for a group, then assign users to that group.

In some cases, you may also need to control access to records on a per user basis. You do this in the privilege settings too. In that case you need to provide a calculation, which is effectively a find criteria, that filters records (via a find in the background) based on the current user.


VERY helpful, thanks Malcolm!