IE based WebViewer is on its way out!


I just watched the Engage presentation Under the hood: JavaScript and Ad-on. Once the presentation was done and prior Q&A there was a slide on Roadmap. The first point was about replacing IE based WebViewer. The reason is to provide the best experience with JavaScript integration. No word on when it will be available, but now we know Santa Claus exists !

This presentation was quite interesting, Tod Geist did a nice demo with an add-on. These guys at Tod Geist will provide the first documentation for Add-On.


Yup, they did say this was expected during a roadmap webinar earlier this year. Good to hear IE is being dumped shortly

We haven’t seen any webcam video in the current or previous session. Apparently they’ve exceeded the WebEx video capacity. I guess a bit like walking around Devcon with an eye mask on :wink:

I mentioned it in my blog post: Notes from Claris Engage


Really appreciate the notes- hope to see more of those types of summaries.

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Interesting you notes ! Do you have more info on Cloud Smart ?

All the sessions will be available on Claris Academy later. The FileMaker 19 Under the hood:Javascript and add-ons session is the best so far. Also, all the Claris presenters came over well during the keynote.


The list of people on the panel currently is very impressive.

Agreed, although we’re struggling with audio here (I don’t think it is us), what Clay was saying was very interesting.

See for more info on the upcoming (Chomium) Edge based WebViewer control from Microsoft.

Windows users are getting closer to a WebViewer not using the old IE technology. On a computer near you hopefully soon !

Webview2 is now here !

Microsoft is auto-installing the Windows 10 WebView2 Runtime (

I run Windows 10 20H2 and it has been installed with March Patch Tuesday. For the moment, this auto installation is happening on Windows 10.