Inter-Application-Communication in FM18/19

Is anybody running into issues like this?

  • Single-File system and Multi-File systems
  • db-app created under FM16 or earlier, now under FM18 and/or FM19, Mac and Windows
  • db-app was running perfect under earlier versions of FM
  • Multi-user systems, FM host on the local site installed (mostly FMServer, one or two with peer2peer)
  • some with, some without plugins (MBS, mostly)
  • 'wired', no WLAN


  • under FM 18/19, the data-entry layout will be printed instead of the print-layout (FM seems not to get the change-layout scriptstep)
  • maybe a script does a layout-change, then sets a field on that layout/TO but that field is not yet available

Solution: Add a pause-scriptstep, 0.1 seconds are enough (in some cases, the pause has to be encreased a bit, maybe to 0.2 or 0.3 seconds

We never had this under FM16 or older. For some (unknown) reason, most customers here left V17, so I'm nor sure if 17 is affected as well
(For iOS app's, we had to add those pause-steps earlier)

Under BigSur (on intel-Mac's, no M1 in service until now), it happens more often.

When checking a solution via vpn (a bit slower than local..), we can not reproduce, it will also not happen every time. Via teamviewer, it's also not so often - but can be reproduced

Anyway - most of the 'affected' solutions are running fine after adding a script-pause after a layout-change..

All of the solutions used in our company do not have this issue, but here we are on macOS 10.14 and 10.15 (my workstation is 10.14). That solutions are under FM18 (we have xojo-starters that open the solution via url), on FMS 18 (catalina) and FMS19 (centOS)

Not quite the same issue but it might be related:

In v19, I had to add a Pause (0.1s) after a 'Close Popup' in order to make it happen. Without the pause step, the popup closed when the script finished, despite the fact, that 'Close Popup' is the third step in the script and supposed to happen before the script does its calculation work .

have seen 'things' not in sync - could be that security evaluation in place for layout access might delay it or other calcs on layout - pause helped also before printing Preview Mode switch on the layout to print.
Did change the Mode before printing?

The closing is animated, so the delay is needed.

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yes, changed mode before printing - will check that out a second time... Thank You!

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