Web Viewer authentication lost continuously in Windows

I use a web viewer to login to Xero accounting. It requires a login with a 2FA. On Mac OS we can move around freely without problems. On Win OS we get logged out as soon as we move around. This means constant re-login, and the 2FA check. It's not fun.

Has anyone else seen this sort of problem? And found any solution?

We’ve experienced similar problems with the latest version of Edge accessing the FileMaker Server admin console. No changes were made to the FileMaker servers, yet the behaviour has changed on many Windows servers recently, requiring multiple logins after constantly being kicked out.

Maybe an Edge problem, or are you referring to Chrome (which we don’t use)?

It’s a standard windows installation, so I assume the web viewer is running edge.

I would assume modern FileMaker Web Viewer is using WebView2 which would be the Edge engine underneath. See https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/webview2/

Andy's experience would be consistent with this if there has been some change in how Edge is handling authentication.

@Malcolm do you know how Xero handles authentication? Is it cookie-based or some other system?

Yes, Xero is cookie based. In the requirements to use Xero it specifies that the browser must accept cookies and javaScript must be turned on.

Maybe you like to check what cookies are set with WebView.AllCookies function in MBS plug-in.

And of course if it helps to pretend to be a real browser with WebView.SetCustomUserAgent.