Issue with WD in mobile browsers since move to OpenJDK

Recently, I moved the dev server (MacMini, MacOS 10.14.6, FMS to OpenJDK8, in accordance with instructions given here:

see also

All works fine on a MacOS 10.14.6 client using Safari 12.1.2.

On iPad (iOS 12.4) I get issues in Safari and Firefox. A WD session can be opened in both browsers.
When clicking on a button that performs a simple 3-steps script filling some fields in a record, the spinning circle appears and does not stop until it times out and subsequently ends the session.
There are no entries in the event.log. The same script works fine in FMGo.

since we have the same ‘transaction’ planned (not in use), I asked that question here

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Torsten, have you posted this in the ‘Report a Problem’ on the Community forum?

Otmar did some short testing

how did You install?

  • update to 18.02
  • downloading the full installer for 18.02, delete old install - and install vanilla, from scratch?

there might be an issue when updating without full-installer, the old Java stuff remains unchanged…

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Not yet. First I want to check if other devs observed the same or if it may relate to an error of mine.

@Markus, here’s the sequence I employed:

Start with MacOS 10.14.5 and FMS 18.0.1

Had a look at the /Web Publishing/java folder. Everything seems to be in place.

could be some garbage left, even after removing Java

we got now a test-server with 18.02 (vanilla install), will check that…

The server was left alone over a long weekend. Just tested WD on iPhone and iPad. Now all works fine.
No idea what changed.