LiveCode moving from open source to subscription-based business model

The world of low code is rapidly evolving. The Register has an interesting article about LiveCode moving from open source to a subscription-based business model.

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However a lot of our user base has moved to using the open source edition… unfortunately that leaves us in a position where we don't have the level of resources that we need to take the platform forward."

Going to subscription model, does that rigs a bell ? Getting something for free/low cost is not for ever, the company behind LiveCode just realized.

This brings me to a taught:

No-code or Low-code <> free or cheap

Thanks Torsten for bringing that article to The Soup. Will that impact the project of creating a FileMaker client on Android ?

There will be no android version of filemaker. That’s what Claris CEO said in my understanding

Low Code === Someone else wrote the Code

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I world compare it to a building made from prefabricated parts.

My OCD gets the better of me, and I really want to see:

( No-code or Low-code ) <> ( free or cheap )

Totally not trying to derail or get nit-picky -- the intent is perfectly clear. But I laugh at myself each time I see that post and find myself reaching to try to edit it... :grinning:


DĂ©formation professionelle. We all carry one :nerd_face:

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