List of devcon locations by year

  • 2021: San Diego, CA VIRTUAL
  • 2020: Nashville, TN VIRTUAL
  • 2019: Orlando, FL
  • 2018: Dallas, TX
  • 2017: Phoenix, AZ
  • 2016: Las Vegas, NV
  • 2015: Las Vegas, NV
  • 2014: San Antonio, TX
  • 2013: San Diego, CA
  • 2012: Miami, FL
  • 2011: San Diego, CA
  • 2010: San Diego, CA
  • 2009: San Francisco, CA
  • 2008: Phoenix, AZ
  • 2007: Orlando, FL
  • 2006: Orlando, FL
  • 2005: Phoenix, AZ
  • 2004: Phoenix, AZ
  • 2003: Phoenix, AZ
  • 2002: Palm Desert, CA
  • 2001: Orlando, FL
  • 2000: Palm Desert, CA
  • 1999: San Diego, CA
  • 1998: Monterey, CA
  • 1997: San Jose, CA
  • 1996: Santa Clara, CA

This other resource also lists the venues (hotels) where the event took place: Developer Conference -


Lets see if I remember I went to 02,03,04,05,06,09,10,18

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The $3000+ needed to attend has always been a jagged pill to swallow for me. I always feel like I could not get that much value from learning about new features early.

I also have issue with Claris charging for developer membership and certification. They want developers to not only invest their efforts and time but also financially too? That what customers are for? Are we the customer or the developer?

We are both. I don't see where the issue is? Apple, Microsoft, and many other companies also charge a fee to be part of their developer program.

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True. It does feels like they bleed you just enough sometimes.

We are the developers that make their platforms sing and they create an ecosystem that requires us to pay to play. You want to attend devcon, $99 membership, $1500 door fee, $1000 flight, $500 rooms. Oy, I need a whole project just to pay for devcon.

(Just venting)

You could speak at the conference... and just pay for the flight.

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