Managing Documents in the Documents Folder on Claris FM Cloud Hosts

Does anyone have suggestions? I'm bumping into a problem with file settings in the Documents folder of a Claris FM Cloud instance.

I get 800 errors ( cannot create file on disk ) when trying to export.
When I check to see if a file with that name already exists it returns true
If the file exists I want to delete it.
When I try to delete the file it returns a 300 error ( File is locked or in use )
I can try to close the file, using the Close File script step and that command returns no error, so it should have worked. When I try again, to delete the file, it still returns a 300 error.

I would love to discover that the Admin API has a hidden chapter for dealing with the Documents folder, such as POST, PUT, DELETE, GET, but I'm sure that is just a pipe dream.

If you are the sysadmin, you can fix it. Otherwise the cloud provider is the one who can fix it.

This is the Claris FM Cloud Hosting service. I don't have access to the OS or the shell. The console doesn't provide any tools to work with the documents folder.

Nor does the Admin API. This seems to be a lack of functionality in the API. I've added a feature request in the Claris community asking for GET, POST, PUT and DELETE for files in the documents folder of FMS. If anyone wants to vote for this idea you can find it here: Admin API to manage objects in the Documents folder of FMS