Nested - or Tree - View?

first post/topic and a big “thank you” for setting this up and for sharing

What I’d love to see is a kind of treeview for exploring topics in a channel. Sometimes that is really helpful to see the discussion evolving in different branches. Does the software include this feature. Maybe even with an option to switch between strict timeline and tree with (folding) branches?

thank you

found the answer myself


Welcome Holger!

I have been contemplating various methods to generate TOC for channels. The idea is still in its infancy.
With respect to threading as you realised, Discourse purposely steered away from that model.
That being said, I am contemplating how to leverage Git Hub integration.

One feature that really make up for it, imho, is the reply to icon that shows you to whom the reply is intended as well as the post if one clicks on the avatar.

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