New login dialog Box - FMPA, FMGo and FMS 19.2.2

I invite you to read this informative article by Wim Decorte, New Login Dialog Box so you can prepare, if appropriate, for startled customers... As always with Wim, you get some useful "how it works" information to support the "how to".


Beginner question... Can someone refresh my memory?

The changes we make to a file settings or globals only remain when they are made on the host or as they were when uploaded to the server. Is it possible to make the change to the file directly on the server or do you have to close it, download, make the change and re-upload? Do I have to do it for all files of a solution or only in the one that contains the UI?

Of course I could ask my business partner but I figure I'm probably not the only one needing clarification.

Changes made in the file before being uploaded to the server are saved and become the starting defaults for that file.

To change those defaults permanently you have to take the file down, run it locally and make changes.

For this reason alone, having an onLastWindowClose script which runs when the file is running locally to ask whether you want to keep or remove globals, is useful.

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So following the instructions to permanently show the login fields, as per above article, the file needs to be taken down, the settings changed and then uploaded again.

What about a multi-file solution? Do you have to do it for every file or just the one carrying UI (MVC)?

You have to do it for the files that contain the global fields.

Hello @Cecile ,

Regarding the setting under File Options which toggles whether or not to always show the login fields:

That particular setting does not require un-hosting the file in order to update it and have the change stick. I wasn't sure about this, so I just confirmed by testing on a file that I work with. I was able to successfully update the setting while the file remained hosted, and the change stuck.




@steve_ssh already answered concerning the specific item @Cecile was talking about.

If anyone else is interested in other things that require the file to be edited locally for the changes to be persistent on the server, I invite you to look at this post (now a wiki): File Upload Checklist

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