New logo for FileMaker 2023


Claris Connect also has a new logo. It looks like a number of products will see their logo revisited, moving away from the color variations of the company logo.

I like the move to distinct icons that started with the icon for v19.

The v19 icon didn’t wow me but it was effective. It was distinctive and easily identifiable amongst a sea of application icons. [1]

This icon also does that. The F is so abstract that it’s barely recognisable.

  1. Now not seeing the app logo because I'm looking for the old one :person_facepalming: ↩︎

naja... looks like Flipboard and others - FileMaker before 2023 was quite exclusive in this manner



I wasn't familiar with flipboard. They are both based on the same character F, so I can see a similarity, though the colours are very different.

New logo is great, I love it


For those who run multiple copies of FileMaker on macOS, here are a few versions

-open png
-select all then copy
-get info on the FileMaker app
-click the icon (top left)


Every time I catch up on this thread, I keep thinking of @Malcolm's cool button bar challenge post, and wonder how closely someone can create the new logo using just button bars...

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Whoa, awesome work thanks @rivet

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After watching a video from Claris with an overview of all of their products, the new colorfull icon makes sense imho. Although I prefer to not change the icon with every major version

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I find Filemaker's logos (19 and 20) quite peculiar. Both are relatively small-scale and not reduced to the essentials. This strange color gradient adds even more to it. I like the 3 logos from @rivet much better.


I'll take the orange one for sure :slight_smile:

Mmm, just compared the 2 most recent logos within Microsoft Remote Desktop as workspaces from our test RemoteApp server. A white surround on white background is always a problem.
Screenshot 2023-04-27 at 11.25.51

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Explain? The white background is still clickable, no?

Fundamentally the logo looks comparatively small. With the border not strong enough to clearly define the perimeter, the overall size is lost and the actual logo appears as a ‘mini me’ version when compared to those corresponding icons alongside. Try putting the new logo alongside those above created by @rivet at typical small icon size on a white background.


OK, here some more Icons for the new 20s



Welcome to the soup!

They are great. thanks for the contribution..

Interestingly, Microsoft take the same white background approach on their Mac Office app icons, but use different icons for Windows, the screenshot taken from my Windows 11 task bar.

Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 08.52.36