Fmsoup Branding (Logo)

Hi Cecile,

I’d like to share a logo draft for fmsoup with you, that I came up with today while playing around. The logo obviously represents a bowl of streaming soup, using the letters C and a Tilde to represent the Coding in FileMaker (although this combination doesn’t make too much sense in FM scripts).

The used font is called “steelfish” and it’s licence allows it to be used in logos, even for commercial uses, see here: Steelfish Schriftart |

If you and the community like it I’d be happy to provide it to you for free.

best regards


PS: I like the second one better.


Omg. I like it very much! The font is great. Let’s dig a bit more the soup :ramen:: it’s really nice already. Maybe we can come up with something that “makes more sense” for fm scripts as you put it.

Do you want to continue working on it or would you like to present it to the community and get their feedback?

I’m so glad you like it! Thank you. :blush:

I don’t know, if I can come up with sth. that makes more sense in Filemaker. I think we have to decide wether it will represent a soup or wether it’s real code. In my opinion the C~ is a good compromise (The Tilde is used in let Statements oftentimes, normally like “~Variable”). But maybe someone else has a better idea…?!

I’d be happy if you would represent it to the Community.


I’d really like to keep a bowl :bowl_with_spoon: It might not be so important to make sense with fm scripts. I also always imagined a blue cat in the mix ! Don’t ask why; I think it is a remnant from the brainstorming for the name when I pictured a blue cat playing the organ. :thinking:

  • it smiles
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I know!

Phantastic work @cheesus! Really like it at first sight. Second one is my champ!

so cool! Than You so much!

OK, here’s another attempt. It combines a soup, some “meaningful” code and a smirking face. Although I like the first logo better. You decide…![Logo%20fmsoup%20v3|690x239]

The only threat I see is the similarity to the Commodore Logo.

Looks great! I’m going to defy convention and go with the first iteration of the Logo as my favourite (the one with the tilda fully enclosed by the square).


I love it cheesus and I use the tilde for all my local variables in Let(), so makes perfect sense to me.

Well done


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I agree, I like the tilde - I believe it is included within one of the websites attempting to put together standards for FileMaker.

I keep debating between 1 and 2. 1 looks more like soup than smile 2 is more akin to contemporary logo design. Both are sober and elegant.

Here’s the 3rd one with a little bit of finetuning. But it seem’s like the Tilde will win the race…

And personally I like the first tilde option better, although no strong view. We’re split here, Val prefers the second, particularly as the steam is escaping, but all I can see is a nose!

Either would be great.

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reminds me of this guy


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It’s cute i think I prefer elegant. Can you indulge me and check what it would look like with two tilde offsetted?

this actual soup isn’t hot!
cold soup?

both first designs are great.

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Here you go. A quick and dirty attempt.