Unexpected File Dialogue

My solutions open up a file dialogue box when I create a new window while in layout mode from time to time. I opened the script debugger to see if I did not miss anything… and nothing fired as expected. I looked it up on Google. All I got were a bunch of FileMaker help file references on creating new windows and the likes.

Is this a known issue? Has anyone else experienced this?

Can you provide a screenshot ?

Hum, does the app creates a windows using the Layout you are editing ?

It looks like I did not communicate well, so let me rephrase the issue with an enumeration:

  1. I am in layout mode;
  2. I select "New Window" from the "Window" menu;
  3. FileMaker displays the new window in the same mode and with the same layout as the previous window;
  4. FileMaker intermittently displays a file dialogue box;
  5. I cancel the file dialogue box if it shows up;
  6. I continue on my merry way.

This is intermittent, so I can not always reproduce the issue… and can not produce a screenshot just now.

I produced the above steps with and without the debugger when I was able to reproduce the issue. The debugger did not fire. This was expected as I was in layout mode.

Hope this clarifies the issue.

I see. Does the File Dialog asks for a name and location to save the database, or something else ?

Please tell us the FMPA version used.

What does the dialogue box say? If it is an open file dialog ( the OS level file dialogue ), that typically means it's trying to open an external file reference it can't currently access.

This issue has cropped up in FileMaker 16, 17 and 18.

I can not reproduce the issue at the moment… so can not say what type of file dialogue box pops up. I do not recall being asked to locate a specific file. I do not recall being asked anything for that matter.

A file dialog (the ones I know at least) are always asking for smething. Usually asking to select a file, select a folder or specify the name and destination to save an output to.

What file dialog can be asking for nothing? How did you dismiss it? Now I'm really curious to see a screen capture of the dialog...

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I dismissed the dialogue by clicking on the cancel button. I will make a point of taking a screen capture when I see the issue pop-up again. I encounter this issue on average once a month.

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I've seen similar behavior with one of my client's files, and I respond similarly (scratch head, dismiss dialog, and go on my merry way). The file in question uses the Scribe and Base Elements plug-ins, not sure if that gives any clues for you. Since it's such a minor inconvenience I've never done any legwork to track down the cause and how to reproduce things.

Good point! I did not mention that most solutions where I saw this behaviour do not use plugins. The MBS plugin is permanently installed on my computer however I seldom need it for my customers' solutions. I think that plugins are unlikely to be the source of the issue.

Our MBS FileMaker Plugin does not show file dialogs unless you use FileDialog functions or use it to run some script to do so. e.g. an AppleScript.

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I was able to reproduce the issue. Now that I paid attention, The dialogue box looks like an insert image dialogue box. It looks like, but not quite.

The following screenshot is the insert file dialogue box.

The following screenshot is the dialogue box I get. Notice how I do not have the option of storing just a reference to the file (just above the lower left corner of the dialogue box)?

I attempted, for fun, to insert an image in my layout but, since it is a new window displaying the same layout as the previous window, FileMaker said the layout was already in use in another window.

Note: the layout does not use script triggers and neither do the layout's fields.

I am still as stumped as before… and still clicking the cancel button and going on my merry way. I am all eyes if anyone has ideas as to what is going on.

Maybe I should report this to Claris?

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