Parent Window not dimming when card window is in focus

I have posted this on the Claris site and haven't received any advise.
I hesitate to post this here as this site is for a more advanced developer than myself but I do enjoy reading it as I stop by 2x 3 times every day.

In Go, when the Card Window is in focus, the Parent Window is not dimmed.

What would cause this?

I am using Filemaker 18, Filemaker Go 18, iOS 14 and the Dim option is checked.

Thanks for the help!


@EZRun I have little experience with FmGo, and thus no possible answers to your post, but I would like to mention how pleased I am that you did decide to post here. Because you did, I am likely to learn from the discussion. AFAIK, there is no actual or implied requirement for level of experience to post at the Soup. I know that I, personally, would welcome all levels of posts.

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Hi, I’m sure everyone is glad you’ve posted here. This site certainly isn’t aimed at advanced developers, it is aimed at all developers. Because it is independent then I guess it requires ‘enthusiastic’ developers to find it and use it.

I’ve just checked an existing system of ours and the dimming is more subtle than within FileMaker Pro. I had to do a couple of tests to get an appropriate card window to compare this with the background. Are you sure it isn’t slightly dimming, which is the way I’d describe the behaviour just now.

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Thanks for your kind replies. I am not noticing a dim at all but I will take a closer look at it.

FYI, I come here to read the posts and learn and always enjoy what I read.

Most often (not a complaint ) the posts are way over my skill levels.

But frequently when I am stumped on something a post that I read here, somehow assists me to resolve the issue and for that I am most thankful!


Sometimes it is the question that inspires someone to conceive a solution.

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