Pdf container not working as expected

I have a pdf container field in FM 19. I can insert the pdf and view it/scroll, etc. However, I am not able to delete the pdf. From the edit menu, Clear is grayed out. Backspace, delete, etc., don't work.

what kind of access do you have to the file?

It's on my hard drive...

ok - did you create the file? I meant by access if you have the security privilege set to allow deletion of content (records/fields)?

Yes. I have both created PDFs and ones that have been sent to me. They're in my documents folder (Windows). I have full access to all of them.

try to control-click (right-click) into the container field and look for delete.
Or add a scripted button to clear the field if you can.

ctrl click (or right click) doesn't work.
I'll play with a button... this is odd to me...

Was able to script a button to clear the container, but that sure seems like overkill to me...