' refused to connect’ displayed in interactive container fields on Windows

We’re carrying out initial testing of v19.3.1, combining use with 19.2 versions of Pro and Server running within Windows.

We’ve immediately been unable to view PDF files in container fields using FM. Pro 19.3.1 with the latest or previous server version.

Claris posted this 10 hours ago with a workaround recommending reverting back to FileMaker Pro 19.2.2: https://community.claris.com/en/s/article/127-0-0-1-refused-to-connect-displayed-in-interactive-container-fields-on-Windows

We were able to view PDFs using FM Pro v19.2.2 connecting to FM Server 19.3.1..

We strongly recommend avoiding updating to the Windows version of FM Pro 19.3.1 in a production environment at the moment.

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Or implement our 1MT PDF Viewer, to finally get rid of these ongoing Claris/Adobe/OperatingSystem integration issues.

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Or buy a Mac…just joking :upside_down_face:

Depends on whether you need your plugins to work (love my M1 MacBook Pro) :joy:

I know people who develop on Mac to use MBS Plugin. Even if customers are all windows.
And great is that you can be logged in to a database both from Mac and Windows, so you can try your changes on Windows right away.

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we do critical testing on that platform that the customer is on. There are too much possibilities that You are falling into non-documented potholes..

besides of the above, I love developing on a Mac - and I love that functionality the MBS delivers...

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