Preventing Scrollbars on Popovers

I want to prevent the display of scrollbars on my popovers. I especially want to prevent the momentary flash of scrollbars that occurs when objects are so close to the edge of the popover that FileMaker thinks scrollbars might be needed, then decides that they are not.

It seems to be related to style rules for the popover. It also seems to like a 2px gap. For example, I have a popover with padding set to 5px on all borders. The popover is 260px wide and I've placed a button bar onto it that is centered. When the button bar is 250px wide the popover will display scrollbars. If it is 248px wide the popover will briefly display scrollbars. At 246px wide the scrollbars are not displayed.

When the scrollbar is 246px wide and I change the padding of the popover to 7px the scrollbars are displayed.

Does anyone know what minimum margin is needed between the edge of the popover and the objects within it? Is it different on each platform?

I believe it is 2pt in from the right-edge of the popover content, not the overall popover.

So if your popover lets say has a 3pt right-padding and the right-coordinate of the entire popover is 1000pt, then:

1000 - 3 = 997pt
Then take your 2pt away from that = 995pt

For scrollbars to never appear, the right coordinate of the right-most object needs to be 995.

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That explains what I've been seeing. I'll keep working with that.

@tonywhitelive. Has this piece of minutiae made it into any of your info graphics?

Hi @Malcolm
Have not run into the issue. Therefore, not on the diagram.
DIGFM: A Visual Understanding of the FileMaker Platform (4/8/2021) -> Popover Buttons
Will keep an eye out.