Popovers not working in FMP

I have also posted this in the Claris Community “Report a Product Issue” site.

Operating system: Win 10 Pro, version 2004, Build 19041.746, 64 Bit, 64 GB Ram

File hosted on FMS19

Client: FMP

I have three hosted files. All three exhibit the same behavior. Popover buttons are non-responsive. I also tested a non-hosted file by adding a popover. This file exhibited the same behavior. Closing and reopening the files have no effect. I did not try rebooting Windows. This first occurred about two weeks ago and recurred today.

Update #1 - I opened one of the three hosted files using FMP from a different desktop computer (Win 10 Home, version 2004, Build 19041.746, 64 Bit, 32 GB Ram). This time, the popover buttons worked fine.

Update #2 - on Tuesday night I closed FMP and shut down the first Win 10 machine. On Wednesday morning I booted the machine back up and tested the local file. The popover I added previously worked fine without problems.

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