Repeating radio buttons design

I am using FM 7 (sorry its so old) and have a question about radio button design. I seem to have trouble with alignment. I have a radio button field that repeats up to 10. If I enlarge the field (and not the text) and try to align the text to the center (or bottom) - nothing moves. The text does not realign or move it remains at top. Am I missing something?

Also, is there a way to make alternating background colors in repeating fields (like we can with portals)?
Thanks for any help.suggestions.

I don't think so. Maybe you try experimenting with a portal instead?

There is no way to change the alignment of radio buttons within a field. The only way I know of to achieve your goal is to have a copy of the field for each value – a pain. You will then be able to position each value the way you want them positioned.

There is no way to give alternating colours to repeating fields in FM7. Again… you can have multiple copies of the same field (with different repetitions) to format individually. Here, more recent versions of FM could help with conditional formatting.

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Thanks - its always good to know the limitations of an old version so I don't waste my time.
Thanks again for the support.