FM displaying indentations in list sections in text fields

FM has formatting functions and displays formatted text in 'text' fields. It also keeps formatting when rich-text-formatted text is copy-pasted into a text field. However, some of the rtf formatting information either gets lost or is not accounted for in how the text is displayed.
The particular example in the attached screenshot shows that indentation of the 2nd line of list sections is not indented, while the first line actually is.
Text has been copy-pasted to FM from the TextEdit window on the left (on MacOS 10.15.7).

Is there a way to make FM doing indents for all lines of an enumeration section?

Yes. I painstakingly figured it out two years ago. Don’t have access to that file atm and don’t remember off the top of my head (there’s a nasty gotcha). Will look for it tonight if nobody got you your answer before that

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If you show the ruler while in the text field, you will be able to edit the indentation for that one record.

If you want to define the indentation for that layout object for all records, you should use the "Paragraph" section of the inspector (under the appearance group of inspector settings).


Thank you, @Bobino. The indentation can be changed using the ruler. During a copy-paste operation, indentations get lost, though.

Hi Torsten,

maybe you can put a global stored input field in between to paste text there and afterwards take a trigger to set the field content via script step. I use the paragraph settings with defined tab stopps for a letter table and they get treated correctly

while pasting into a field it behaves like an FM-Layout where you copy objects with settings that match styles in the current theme but are set to standard all the same if they originate in a different theme.

2 cents for the weekend

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Ok. Here is how to do this.

Method forward.

1- Initial text in Word

From Word

2- Initial set up of the field before the file get hosted:


This is what it must look like in the field. Activate the ruler from the menu Display.

Parametrage initial

3- Paste a regular paragraph

![Coller le paragraphe plein|456x255]Coller le paragraphe plein

4- to start a list paragraph, put your pointer cursor where the list must start, then grab the main tab cursors on the ruler and move it a bit to the right. Grab the top part and slide it to the left
5 Grab the bottom part and slide it to the right to its final place (over the first tab)
6 Place de top part to its left final position and then paste the list without changing the pointer position.

Method Backward

  1. Make the list setup your base setup for the field.

  2. Paste entire text, paragraphs and lists

  3. Select non lists paragraphs and modify their ruler main tab cursors
    backward 3

I prefer the Backward method.

In both situations, you must guide your user and make sure the ruler is displayed. Or provide a button to make it by script. Like a fake editor for your user, and force past as plain text.

If you use tabs in fields which data may later be used in merge fields, in sub-summary or summary parts, there is a gotcha. Will try to document it later. No information anywhere about it.


Hi @Cecile, thank you for this! I will check it out this evening. Hopefully I will get to automate this in a way or other.

Tried what you suggested. Due to the quantity of text to handle, it will have no indentations at all in text fields. Text presented to users will be html with all due formatting created on the fly when text is displayed.

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