Scaling an SSVG image in a webviewer

Hello all,
So I have an SVG image that downloads from the web and displays in a web viewer.
(Can't use container fields for SVG as far as I am able to determine).

It displays all right but in a huge size. So how do I scale it to a size lets say 300 x 300 pixels. Basically this is an image of a country's flag and it downloads full size.
The URL is :

So can someone pls help with code that will scale the full size image down to required size.

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You could embed it in a bit of HTML to define the size of the area you show it inside.


Not sure if this is what you're asking, but you could also write a little code to do image scaling. Lots of examples of that. You could use the @MonkeybreadSoftware's plug-in to run its "Shell" command to run that code.

Well, I think Kevin wanted to show the SVG in a web view scaled down.
Maybe just put it in a container and tell the container to scale to fit?

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Thanks Christian and OliverBarrett:
I tried this - does not work.


<img width = 300 src = Countries::flagURL>


Where Countries::flagURL is a field containing the URL for the flag and changes with each record.

Any help appreciated.

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You must be much more precision. extra spaces, missing quotes and a field name won't fly.
The HTML must contain the field value, not the field name.
Please ty again.


Got it. Thanks to encouragement from Christian :smile:
For convenience of others just posting the correct code which worked for me.

Substitute (
<img width = 300   src=country></img>

"country" ; Countries::flagURL)

Now the flag image perfectly resizes and fits in the web viewer.


Please replace with

<img width=300 src="country">

no end tag for img and no spaces around = and URL in quotes may help.

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