Shottr - Action Packed Screen Capture

a very impressive "buy me a coffee" app


Thanks for the info, looks very good for a free product. Thing is the Mac is not free :wink:.

What computer did you get for free? If someone gives you a computer, be careful what you do with it... (I recognize that we can be concerned about how a lot of online tools are monitoring us regardless of our hardware).

I have heard of that tool elsewhere, I believe. I'm simply not taking screen captures often and for the ones I take, the OS implementation is good enough for me.

None. Thing is I have two Windows computers that are dated back 2012, and Shottr does not work on Windows. If I want to use Shottr, which is a free product, then I have to buy a Mac.

I would love to work on a Mac, but like some sas: no money no candy. Oh, well I have a Mac mini late 2014, with 8 G of RAM. Just booting it is an adventure.

I worked with a Macbook Pro M1 Pro for 6 months, this is an incredible computer. After that my 2 Windows computers are, hum, like very basic, even though running Windows 10.